i-Franken Cujo


• Group name:
• Group members: Yovani Revelo and Sekou Thomas
• Title of project i-Franken Cujo

Step-by-step breakdown of the project build:

Sekou purchased the Silverlit Interactive i-Fido and I brought in stuffed toy dog from my son’s toy chest. Sekou thought the best thing to do is to breakdown the i-Fido before we met up in class. So he unscrewed the body of the dog and took apart the legs and speaker with a mini screwdriver.


The next thing we did was take the X-ACTO Knife and cut the top of stuffed toy dog and took out all of the cotton inside of it.



We were left with this.



After we took everything apart, we were advised by Professor Phelps that we should make this project into a taxidermy dog. Sekou and I decided to take the advice and we had to put the i-Fido back together but leave out the two back legs, since the i-Fido is half the size of the dog.


We got the X-ACTO Knife and we cut a hole in the dogs mouth, so when the i-Fido is on you can see the LED lights.  Then we measured and cut the legs off of the dog. We did this so we can stick the i-Fido in.


Then we tested to see how the i-Fido fit inside of the dog.

The class had ended and we made plans to meet on Friday, October 31st, to finish up the project.

When we met up, we planned out what else we had to do.  We had to hot glue the front plastic legs to the body because the legs kept coming off.

IMG_2726We had to tape some of the loose wires to the body to avoid the wires being moved or disconnected. Also we had to cut a hole for the ears to show. Then we started to stuff the dog with cotton again.


Once we had stuffed the dog with enough cotton, we started sewing the dog up again.


Then we took the scissors and we cut off the back legs. We did this because we were going to attach the original back legs of the i-Fido to the stuffed dog.


The way we attached the back legs to the back of the stuffed dog, was that I had a toy car axel that my son broke off from his toy car. It turned out that it fit perfectly. So I hot glued the legs and the toy car axel together.


We also cut a circle on the stuffed dog, so the speaker can be exposed on the top of the dog. This was done because we didn’t want the sound to be muffled. Then I hot glued the plastic around the speaker to the cloth.  Which it stuck together pretty well.


The last thing we had to do was make a little hole with the X-acto knife, right below the mouth, and hot glue the cloth to the plastic. This was done so the sensors work properly.


And this is when i-Franken Cujo was born.


Bill of Materials (BOM) 

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.46.14 PM



The problems we encountered during the project were that we didn’t know what we were going to do with the back legs since the original stuffed animal legs were a lot taller then the new front legs. We actually got lucky that day, as I was getting out of my car to meet up with Sekou on Friday. I saw my son’s car was broken and I thought the best way to have the dog the leveled, was to some way attach the toy car axel to the i-Fido’s back plastic legs. The other problem we had was the sensor. But we resolved that by making a hole and hot gluing the cloth to the plastic. Over all the project came out looking a lot better then I expected. But Sekou and I worked really well on this project and we both came up with some good ideas on this project.



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